I am a Seeker Of The Truth

Inspired by Hardcore Bands like the Cro-Mags, 108 or Shelter, which brought me closer to the Vedic Culture for the first time back in the 90ies, I designed this T-Shirt Artwork with Lord Jagannatha, who is a form of Vishnu and an incarnation of Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead. After all these years I´m still a Seeker Of The Truth and will stay on the path I´ve chosen.

Actually I´m thinking about to do a limited preorder T-Shirt print of this one…so if you like the idea, just drop me a line or contact me over my Social Media Channels. If enough people are interested, I´ll talk about this project with my printer. So…we will see! Haribol!

„Wastin my time servin my mind
For sense pleasures I can find
Gotta get back, back to the truth
You know it was left behind
It’s so easy to see, if you wanna be free
Don’t wanna be just a slave
Cause no matter how you choose
You know you’ll lose
If you ain’t looking for the truth…“

– Cro-Mags / Seekers Of The Truth / The Age Of Quarrel –

Jase34 Works "Seeker Of The Truth" T-Shirt