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Urban Artivist. Wanderer.

Seeker Of The Truth.

Personally influenced by urban underground cultures, (street)art, music, literature, life and spirituality, I use to combine analog and digital tools to realize my ideas. I am passionate about breaking new grounds and expanding my influences and skills. First of all I do this for myself but beside that, I am always open minded for nice cooperations with motivated and honest people. Hari Om Tat Sat.

Overcoming boundaries.

Giving your best. No matter when.

No matter where.

Whether private work or commission – digital or analogue design, illustration, photography, bhakti yoga or powerlifting – I always put my heart and soul into achieving my goals and realising my potential in every respect or even going beyond it, if possible.

So if you want to talk, just contact me here or on one of my Social Media Channels. Thank you!

Show me some works

Visuals. Words. Thoughts. Nonsens.

I Blog sometimes. I don´t care.

Jase34: The Bounty HunterNewsPersonal Works
30. December 2020

The Bounty Hunter

Still playing around and exploring new grounds Currently I have vacation and use the free time to try out new techniques and explore new grounds. Today's output is this somewhat…
Jase34: Bigger, better, cheaperNewsThoughts
28. December 2020

Bigger, better, cheaper

Just some thoughts about our shopping behavior Online shopping has become indispensable today. At the latest since the current Corona pandemic, I myself also buy considerably more online. Basically, there…
Jase34 - "Libera te ex infernis"NewsPersonal Works
20. December 2020

Libera te ex inferis

Save yourself from hell ... and explore new techniques. Stagnation is death, so personal development is always essential - whether technical, physical or spiritual. Accordingly, I am always trying to…