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Jase Tag

Urban Artivist. Wanderer.

Seeker Of The Truth.

I am passionate about breaking new grounds and expanding my influences and skills. First of all I do this for myself but beside that, I am always open minded for nice cooperations with motivated, humble and honest people. Hari Om Tat Sat.

Overcoming boundaries.

Giving your best. No matter when.

No matter where.

Whether private work or commission – design, illustration, photography, conception, communication strategy, brand development, merchandising, mindfulness training, meditation or breathwork – I always put my heart and soul into achieving my goals and realising my potential in every respect or even going beyond it, if possible.

So if you want to talk, just contact me here or on one of my Social Media Channels. Thank you!

Show me some works

Visuals. Words. Thoughts. Nonsens.

I Blog sometimes. I don´t care.

JASE34: Tupac Shakur, the HellrazorNewsPersonal WorksThoughts
1. June 2024

Dead Icons: Tupac Shakur – the Hellrazor

A tribute to an icon of music history and the transience of being ... It feels like it's been ages since I've posted anything new on my site. But that's…
JASE34: Swami Sivananda TitleNewsPersonal Works
12. November 2022

Swami Sivananda

A present for my Spiritual Master Sometimes in life you unexpectedly meet special people. People who inspire and motivate you to go new ways. Ways that open up new perspectives…
JASE34: A cusom artwork in the style of 1984 that wasn´t used.Commissional WorksNewsPersonal Works
12. November 2022

Something about 1984

Stories from the life of a graphic designer If there's time, I like the project and the vibe fits, I'm always open to collaborations and custom artworks (beside my regular…