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Urban Artivist. Wanderer.

Seeker Of The Truth.

Personally influenced by urban underground cultures, (street)art, music, literature, life and spirituality, I use to combine analog and digital tools to realize my ideas. I am passionate about breaking new grounds and expanding my influences and skills. First of all I do this for myself but beside that, I am always open minded for nice cooperations with motivated and honest people. Hari Om Tat Sat.

Overcoming boundaries.

Giving your best. No matter when.

No matter where.

Whether private work or commission – digital or analogue design, illustration, photography, bhakti yoga or powerlifting – I always put my heart and soul into achieving my goals and realising my potential in every respect or even going beyond it, if possible.

So if you want to talk, just contact me here or on one of my Social Media Channels. Thank you!

Visuals. Words. Thoughts. Nonsens.

I Blog sometimes. I don´t care.

7. October 2020

Hello Autumn!

It's that time of year again! "The autumn. The time when everything bursts into its last beauty, as if nature had saved the whole year for the grand finale." Quote…
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27. September 2020

Bunker – die Haarkunst Logo

Bunker - die Haarkunst Logo an Corporate Design A few weeks ago I created a simple logo and coroprate design for my friend Carmen from Switzerland, who will start her…
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25. September 2020

International Hardcore & Punk Blackbook

International Hardcore & Punk Blackbook is out! The time has finally come: THE INTERNATIONAL HARDCORE & PUNK BLACKBOOK was published last week and is now available through the Webstore of…