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Stories from the life

of a graphic designer

If there’s time, I like the project and the vibe fits, I’m always open to collaborations and custom artworks (beside my regular job). However, sometimes it can happen that the vibe doesn’t fit at all, the communication is rather suboptimal and in the end you can’t come to a common denominator. That’s part of the job and all too human. In such cases it is often advisable to pull the ripcord so that both sides can go their separate ways.

This is what happened with this little CD-artwork project, which dealt with a theme in the style of George Orwell’s 1984. I liked the idea, but neither vibe nor communication with the customer really worked. So the collaboration was stopped before any elaboration was done.

Even though it´s just one of two rough illustrations of the initial idea, I thought it was too bad to condemn the thing to the depths of my hard drives without even posting it.

Anyway, that’s life… It was fun in spite of everything – at least as far as the illustration is concerned!
Thank you!