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Just some thoughts about

our shopping behavior

Online shopping has become indispensable today. At the latest since the current Corona pandemic, I myself also buy considerably more online. Basically, there is nothing to be said against it, as this is certainly the future in retail (and beyond). Here, however, the question arises whether, with constantly falling prices or, in return, completely overpriced products, some things do not fall by the wayside in the end!? With all the nice sales and bargains, we should now and then but also think of the individuals “behind the products”. Be it the packer on the conveyor belt or the parcel carrier, both of whom work for the minimum wage or below – or even the designer of the motif, who in this case was not even paid for his performance – but simply stolen from. Because you may hardly believe it, he too has to pay his bills and live off something. This is dedicated to the latest merchant at Wish, who stole my “French Kisses” motif so cheekily. Thank you for nothing!

I am definitely not free of guilt

in this material world

and will certainly never be

I do not want to unpack the “moral club” here now, because I am definitely not free of guilt in this material world and will certainly never be. But sometimes it’s the little things that can make a difference in the end. The question then arises, whether it should necessarily be “the most expensive of the most expensive” or “the cheapest of the cheapest” or whether there is not yet an alternative intermediate route that at least causes less damage!? In the end, it almost doesn’t matter whether it has to be a gold-covered filet in a luxury restaurant, the 99 Cent steak in a discount store or this crappy 4 Euro shirt from Wish.

To be honest, I usually don’t know myself what the right way is. Whereby… with the Steak thing I already know – here the answer is quite simple. Just be kind and go vegan! With everything else, we should just think once in a while maybe just once more before we hit the “buy” button. Personally, I will do my best! Thank you for reading and keep supporting small businesses in this crazy times!

Jase34: Copyright infringement at WISH